Rubber Gaskets

Oil paper Gasket

Product detail:-

Paper gaskets are also known as oil paper gasket or cellulose gaskets, or even vegetable fibre gaskets. The material is prepared from Cellulose fiber bonded with Nitrile Rubber. Paper gaskets are widely used for gasketing application in low temperature and medium pressure requirements. It possesses very good oil, fuel, water, alcohol, grease resistance. It is the best solution for gaskets at low cost for medium rating applications. It is widely used in oil pump, fuel pump, carburetor, water pump, oil filter etc in automotive, marine, industrial and agricultural applications. It shows poor heat and chemical resistance.

We supply paper gasket for diverse range of sealing applications. Rubber Concept provides full production capability from prototyping to large production runs of paper gaskets. We make these gaskets by punching from CNC designed tools to achieve the best accuracy of dimensions. All our paper gaskets are customized to match customer requirement.